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The Stewardship System will help your church...

  1. Teach your members about the importance of stewardship – without guilt or fundraising
  2. Create a year-round stewardship ministry in your church.
  3. Plan and execute an effective Annual Stewardship Campaign
  4. Obtain easy to use, professional stewardship materials
  5. Increase giving and member involvement

The Stewardship System provides the tools--honed through years of experience and research--you need to reach the goals of having 80% of your members pledge an average gift of 5% of their income, while increasing volunteer involvement and a sense of belonging.

Stewardship is about a lot more than money - Stewardship is letting God's blessings flow through you. Your church's ministry potential will be unleashed as your members embrace a life of stewardship, becoming generous givers of their time, talents, and treasures.

Building a culture of generosity is easy when you follow The Stewardship System.



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