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Stewardship System Q&A

What is the Stewardship System?

Most pastors know they need to teach stewardship. The question is: how do we practically make this happen in our church?

The Stewardship System is a comprehensive, yet simple, approach to teaching stewardship to your people all year round. We provide your church with training in stewardship leadership, stewardship education tools, a stewardship newsletter, and weekly stewardship teaching.

You can ensure that your people understand how stewardship is part of discipleship. Further, you will no longer feel like you have to "raise the budget." Your people will generously give to support your ministry vision.

If you would like to subscribe to the Stewardship System and being teaching your people the life transforming power of stewardship, please register now.

Why does my church need the Stewardship System?

Stewardship is not fundraising, like many people believe. Our goal at The Stewardship System is to help your church build a culture of generosity. No one gets excited about giving their hard-earned money to pay for mortgage interest or the light bill. We know those things are important to keep your church running; however, many churches only appeal for their people to "give to support the budget." Important? Yes. Compelling? No.

If you implement our Stewardship System, your people will be excited to give to support the mission of your church and the good ministries you provide. We know you have to pay the bills too, and that will be taken care of. Once your people see that stewardship is "letting God's blessings flow through me," they will be motivated to give out of a generous spirit, not from guilt or because they "should."

How much does it cost to use the Stewardship System?

We have made The Stewardship System free because we know how important the lessons we provide are to your church. The Stewardship System will help your church develop a culture of generosity. Discover now what is included in the Stewardship System.